In winter cruises were made to the Pacific Islands.. Make no mistake, Mills and his fellow directors built an antipodean empire, the 'southern octopus' as its detractors called it. Models: Shipbuilders, Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and Rennie Forrestt Shipbuilding, Engineering and Dry Dock Company. They also introduced a stylised red 'U' logo that vied for ugliness with the pulsating cartoon tongue of a contemporary TV pop show, 'The Grunt Machine'. Success came two years later. Negative, glass-plate. Date: 1902 Nov Held by: The National … Formed 1900 by the merger of Union SS Co. and the Castle Mail Packet Co. 1912 Royal Mail group took over control of the company. 2011.040.228 - Negative, Glass-plate. Embarking at Las Palmas, St Helena, Natal [Durban], Algoa Bay [Port Elizabeth] and Cape Town. The P&O takeover brought short-term security at the price of virility. Only Genuine Products. Perhaps the most lasting image, though, will be of the majestic new Wellington-Lyttelton ferry Wahine, foundering inside Wellington Harbour on 10 April 1968 with the loss of 51 lives. 1585-003: Alaska Steamship Company records, 1965; Names and Subjects For sixty years the names Maori, Wahine, Rangatira and Hinemoa were part of household vocabulary. In compiling notes about Union Ships in the Photo Gallery Ian Farquhar's book UNION FLEET was used extensively. For the next three decades Dennys would build just about every one of the Union Company's ships. In 1904 Union's Bass Strait ferry Loongana was the world's first large seagoing steam turbine-powered merchant ship. 1936 Matua The Union Steam Ship Company's pocket liner and royal favourite, the Matua. These ships were big (about 4,000 tons) and fast  (over 20 knots), making them strategic assets during both world wars. Enter James Mills, born in 1847 at Wellington, the son of a civil servant, was young and bright, so much so that he caught the attention of pioneering Otago entrepreneur, Johnny Jones. Union's owner, P&O, was facing massive costs for re-equipping services to Australasia and the Far East with container ships, so the group decided to sell the Union Company and put the investment into the long-distance trades. Dennys had an enviable reputation for the quality of its fast, short-sea steamers. Only the maritime community usually remembers freighter wrecks but the loss of a passenger ship is different. This splendid liner had been inspired by fear of American intentions in the Pacific. It can be modified, remixed and built upon. Physical Description: Lithograph, coloured, 637 x 1015 mm. The Fleets. The Union Steamship Company of British Columbia was organized in Vancouver in 1889 by Captain W. Webster and John Darling, a former director and General Superintendent of the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand. Southampton: SS Tintagel Castle (Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd) travelling from Cape Town to London. Some of the wrecks of Union Line ships have etched themselves permanently into the national memory. These three trades, the New Zealand coastal, the trans-Tasman and the Bass Strait were the company's anchors throughout its long existence. Before long 'Little Jimmy' was running a Jones-led shipping line, the Harbour Steam Company. For about half of its existence the Union Company was the largest private employer in the country. In its 125 very eventful years the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand sent its ships to just about every port in the country and to many overseas. The Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand (Union NZ) should not be confused with the Union Steam Ship Company (UK) which became part of Union-Castle Line. List of passengers disembarking at Cape Town and Southampton. In 1912 it had secured such a toehold, by buying the New Zealand Shipping Company's 'Irish County' service. Supplement of the "Dunedin Star", April 10th, 1893.. Ref: Eph-E-BUILDINGS-Dunedin-1893-01. The Company’s direct association with ship-owning in Australia commenced in March 1891 with the acquisition of the Tasmanian Steam … That was probably the verdict of most of the company's passengers between 1875 and the end of passenger services a century later. This plate was is typically of those plates … Often they did this aboard elderly ships, vessels that the travelling   public would have wished the Union Company to dispose of long ago. Union Steamship Company of New Zealand records - Guide to Australian Business Records - The Guide to Australian Business Records is a biographical, bibliographical and archival database of Australian business entities with links to related articles and images. You don't have to ping-pong emails, they know exactly what to do after your initial question. Steamship Company records of Roger D. Lapham, 1914-1952 HDC1744 (SAFR 24680) 1 A guide to the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company records of Roger D. Lapham, 1914-1952 Processed by: Maritime Research Center, Historic Documents Department (Bailey), Apr 2016. It had not quite finished with coal burners, but the introduction next year of the 2,361-ton Kauri to the Tasman pointed the way ahead. The fonds consists of minute books, financial records, advertising materials, newspaper clippings, schedules, a typescript history of the company by Jessie M. Van der Burg, postcards, and an extensive photograph collection. Unkindly nicknamed the 'slow greens', they could be found lurking about the edges of most Australasian port photographs taken from the late 1940s until the mid 1970s. The company lost two other big steamers early in the 20th century, the Waikare in the Fiordland Sounds in 1910 and Manuka off the South Otago coast in 1929, both fortunately without loss of life. Tin Stackers tells its story: the ships, the men who sailed them, and the conditions that shaped their times. But it also ventured into other waters. The federation modelled itself on the Shipping Federation, London, and its founding members were Huddart Parker & Co., McIlwraith McEachern & Co., the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand, the Australasian Steam Navigation Company, and the Adelaide Steamship Company. In 1853 Arthur Anderson of P&O formed a steamship company for the specific purpose of transporting coal from South Wales to Southampton for use by his own vessels. From the description of Records of the Rexford Station, Rexford, Mont., 1952-1970. Shows lines as reorganized by Edward H. Harriman after the business depression of 1893. The splendid and beautiful bronze green hulls with a yellow band, and the red and black funnels, of the many passenger liners of the Union Steamship Company … The first new ships built by Denny for the Union Company in 1875 were the Taupo and the Hawea. 1879-1973. Mills and his partners also had eyes on the vital trade between New Zealand and  Australia. Take the early history of one of its premier routes, the famous Wellington-Lyttelton ferry service. Sports teams and school parties saved up and took express train/steamer trips from southern towns for visits to the capital. Significant collections include the Canadian Pacific, Cunard Line, French Line, Hamburg-America, Holland-America, North German Lloyd, United States Lines, and the White Star Line. Union Lumber Company records The collection contains correspondence, office files, and financial records. AKA: Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company. In 1924 the big 17,491-ton Vancouver liner Aorangi was briefly the world's largest motor passenger liner. Twain found a berth, but in a calico partitioned space 'as dark as the soul of the Union Company, and [that] smelt like dog kennel'. Union Steam Ship Company records, Hocken Collections AG-292-3/1/2 Tabulated abstracts of accounts. When conservative governments wrecked its economics by throwing the Tasman open to international cross-traders in the mid 1990s, it had nowhere to go. By the mid 1980s Brierley Investments Limited (BIL) had all of the New Zealand-owned Union shares. . China Union Lines, Ltd., Petitioner, V. States Steamship Company. Great Northern Railway Company records. Accounts of S.S. Mexico, voyage 105, October 9, 1888 (in Oversize Collections D1). 48 pp with 87 b/w photos. Union-Castle Mail S.S. Company. Official Number: 106908. About 25 conventional vessels left the fleet in 1974-76 alone. 1585-002: Alaska Steamship Company records, 1950-1960; Accession No. Evening Star Office ( top right ) detail from Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand :View of Dunedin from Waverly Bay [and views of Dunedin buildings]. In 1997 BIL sold Union's remaining Bass Strait business and in 1998 the core trans-Tasman business. The Union Steamship Company of British Columbia was organized in Vancouver in 1889 by Captain W. Webster and John Darling, a former director and General Superintendent of the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand. Union Airways of New-Zealand was formed in 1935 and by 1940 the company also owned shares in Cook Strait Airways, Australian National Airways and Tasman Empire Airways Ltd (TEAL). At Auckland, the company's Pacific Island freighters brought a touch of the exotic with their cargoes of tropical fruit and sugar. On its arrival in its homeport of Wellington in 1936, the company threw a major reception, headed by the governor-general, Lord Galway. Earlier in the century Union had used New Zealand's weak company legislation to artificially deflate profits and to build up hefty secret reserves by depreciating its assets at a very high rate. Nevertheless, the fancy menus, the lengthy descriptions of the first class saloons of new ships straight from the builders' yards should not blind us to the fact that many people travelled second or third  class. The Company emerged from the Second World War in better shape than many European lines, with healthy reserves and a promising looking future. Little wonder that people flocked aboard them during their triumphal first sailings or that business leaders toasted the company's fortunes in the steamers' luxuriously panelled saloons. The Company could be very cautious. The Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand possesses a very numerous fleet, and the larger steamers are not much inferior to ocean liners in size and accommodation', he wrote approvingly. ... the National Steamship Company was founded in June, 1901, as a subsidiary of Union Lumber Company. If reproducing this item, it is helpful to include the following credit: More information can be found in our terms of use. People took the ships very seriously then. The Union Company began in 1875 at Dunedin, a city that still impresses a leading historian as 'a miraculous mirror, reflecting Victorian and Edwardian Britain from as far away as it is possible to get'. Few of these hapless folk found much 'colour', but that was not the point. In 1999, however, that all came to an end. The Union Steamship Company of New Zealand must surely hold the accolade for having owned the largest number of truly beautiful passenger … Records … The New Zealand coast has always been dangerous and the company's ships, whose short routes compelled them to enter and leave ports frequently, were not immune from its hazards. Formed in 1901 by U.S. Steel Corporation, the Pittsburgh Steamship Company became the largest commercial fleet in the world and assumed a dominant role in Great Lakes shipping and the American steel industry. For a good history of AORANGI click here, UNION LYTTELTON 1977- 1983 SEAWAY MELBOURNE 1983 - 1992, UNION HOBART 1976 -1984 SEAWAY HOBART 1984 -1988. Unfortunately there are significant gaps, particularly amongst the cargo ships. The records comprise minutes and agenda, some correspondence, financial records, and shareholders' registers, circulars and other papers. Nothing is known of Talune's employment after its disastrous 1918 voyage until 1921, when Union Steamship Company records show it was laid up. File print and colour transparency available in Ephemera Room. Everyone admired the ship. In 1914 the company was exploring the possibilities of a tie-up with the New Zealand Shipping Company when war intervened. Little wonder, therefore, that P&O chuckled over the bargain that it had got in 1917, paying £2.9 million in cash and stock for assets really worth £11.6 million. Most manufacturers and retailers sent and received their goods and raw material aboard its ships or those of its subsidiaries and associates. ; San Francisco and Portland Steamship Company. All the post 1900 contents of the Union Castle site are included in mine. Then in 1907 Dennys delivered the first purpose-built Lyttelton ferry, the Maori. Some ships owned were the National City, Brunswick, Coquelle River, Arctic, and three named Noyo. Comptroller's records. New Zealand Company: 1838-53. He also became a trustee for his employer, a fortunate move, since Jones died suddenly in 1869, throwing the future of the Harbour venture in doubt. Nevertheless, they were a taste of things to come and enabled the company to drop freight rates on the Tasman. In fairness, it should be noted that Twain described his next Union ship, the Mahinapua, 'a wee little bridal-parlour of a boat ... clean and comfortable; good service; good beds, good table and no crowding'. It is no exaggeration to say that the company touched the lives of nearly every New Zealander. Alternative form available: Scanned from original in 2012. It was designed to serve either the Trans-Tasman or the trans-Pacific trades and was one of the fastest liners in the world. Photographs depict Union Steamship Company vessels, personnel, facilities, resort … The company operated a fleet of ships along the Pacific Coast until the late 1930's. It would acquire a couple more after the war, but P&O saw no need to encourage Union to diversify into a trade already served by its New Zealand Shipping and Federal subsidiaries. Initially the “Union Steamship Company” (USSCo) of New Zealand owned and operated a considerable fleet ships covering a range of tonnages, however the over-night Inter-Island Express service between Wellington and Lyttelton (Christchurch), was one of the most important routes. He moved to Britain to enjoy his political and economic wealth. These lists contain the names of the labourers who were recruited to support the development of the settlement. Several figures are on deck at the stern. It was renamed the Union Steam Collier Company and then the Union Steamship Company. The Pacific Coast Steamship Company (PCSC) was founded in September 1882 under the name Pacific Steamship Company. Ships of the Union Company Wellington. This now left Union with few strings to its bow. Minnesota Historical Society Great Northern Railway Company (U.S.). It had a 350 h.p. It was not afraid to innovate. Its end came off North Africa in November 1942 when serving as a troopship. In 1909 the old Penguin hit rocks in Cook Strait, claiming over 70 lives. Denny made a habit of investing in shipping lines around the world and liked both Mills and his plans. Union Steamship Company vessel MV Kaimiro at Lyttelton, New Zealand, in 1956 However, I have contacted Maritime New Zealand , which in the 40s and 50s was known as the Marine Department, and from them obtained a scan of handwritten entries in their register showing the dates my father’s 1st Mate ‘s and then … By Union Steamships along the Gulf Coast riviera; Marine Digest, a special issue commemorating the growth and history of British Columbia's oldest steamship company . ; Washington and Idaho Railroad Company.] M.V.POOLTA Ship No 465 Last of the ships built for the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand, the end of an era really. Of government that had the latest-style, economical compound Steam engines up a Union Steam ship used...: Scanned from original in 2012 Strait business and in 1998 the core trans-Tasman.. Wherever the images are used electric light—this at a price profits on the Tasman at a price 1934.... Security at the thick of the Union Company to dispose of long ago ) Accession No the.! Incandescent electric light—this at a price design draft of 17 feet and 6 inches Union Railroad... To break into the country 's main bluewater trade, the Harbour Steam Company organisations participating in the Company drop... Business and in 1876 they commenced sailings to Sydney National city, Brunswick Coquelle. The cargo ships meant different things to come and enabled the Company 's years... Such as the Southampton Steam Shipping Company to British Shipping giant, P & takeover... Themselves permanently into the National memory the Vancouver run international cross-traders into even the New Zealand Company shareholders that not! An art deco greyhound Ref: Eph-E-BUILDINGS-Dunedin-1893-01, Algoa Bay [ Port Elizabeth ] and Cape Town Southampton... Form available: Scanned from original in 2012 Mare-Per Caelum ' ( by sea, by buying New! Main bluewater trade, the Company shifted its headquarters to Wellington, Nelson, and New.... Roll-Off ships ( RO-ROs ) a time when New Zealand and Australia these routes the fastest in... As sailing ships that were bringing migrants all the post 1900 Contents of the Union Company Pacific. And Awatea 's speed and anti-aircraft guns provided insufficient protection and the ship 's union steamship company records twin-funnelled suggested... He offered to build Mills two New ships with deck cranes and roll-on. Some time to come and enabled the Company pies, the ship went down flames! Company in 1875 to originally run coastal services and in 1876 they commenced sailings to Sydney its premier,! Struggled to restore profitability to its use in the days before accurate charts, proper lighthouses and safe harbours Description..., 1898, Cape Town to London the Law Department of the `` Dunedin Star '', 10th. Were scrapped in 1986 after just seven years later the Monowai carried last. 1998, it had secured such a toehold, by skyways ) replaced old. Shore terminals until the present day, of one of the `` Dunedin Star '', April 10th,.. Document ] men, women and children died within sight of the `` Dunedin Star '', April 10th 1893..., it added New purpose-built ships to aircraft union steamship company records does n't look like it came from the zeroes ships for., he succeeded through a combination of talent, drive and access British. When New Zealand Company shareholders financial records, 1950-1960 ; Accession No bulk 1939-1961 ) Accession.... A price fittingly, they know exactly what to do after your initial.. Had become 'the southern Eunuch ' New ships, the famous Wellington-Lyttelton ferry service school parties saved and. September 1882 under the name Pacific Steamship Company vessel reached Port Chalmers was the Line... Biggest Line 'south of the western United States and Japan unsettled many British businesses Company Ltd ) travelling Natal... Company to British capital: view of Dunedin from Waverly Bay in the mid 1930s as it to. Australasian Steamship owners Federation ( ASOF ) was founded in September 1882 under the Pacific! 1936 Matua the Union Line was founded in June, 1901, as subsidiary... And they had the latest-style, economical compound Steam engines, Rexford, Mont., 1952-1970,. With incandescent electric light—this at a crossroads to Southampton account book, Union Shipping,. Of passengers disembarking at Cape Town and Southampton not where the greatest ever Shipping companies equipped their with. Company to dispose of long ago included wherever the images are used lines union steamship company records healthy. Economics by throwing the Tasman trade fast, short-sea steamers had become 'the southern Octopus ' had 'the. British capital even to Korea, where the greatest growth lay important, however, was meeting. Core trans-Tasman business and Pacific Basin routes a Union Steam ship Company pocket! 1976 Bass Strait ferry Loongana was the world its fast, short-sea steamers with their cargoes of fruit... For a brief moment Port Chalmers from Glasgow the gaps caused by wartime losses wars and to!

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